Interpreting and translation services

We offer the services of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting of international conferences, seminars, lectures, meetings, press conferences and other gatherings where there is a need for these services. We
translate scientific papers, film subtitles, documents and business correspondence.

The hourly rate of interpreting is 50 euros (restated in dinars) and for over 4 hours we apply the flat rate of 210 euros, regardless of total duration.

The unit price of one translated page (regardless of what the source and target languages are) is 12 euros.

Given that the agency is not a VAT payer, the client pays the same amount as gross and net value, which is a special convenience.

Special advantages:

  • We do not count overtime, so the daily flat rate per interpreter is 210 euros. For clients that award us a contract after tendering or other form of long-term cooperation, we offer special conditions (discounts,
  • What makes the Agency unique is that it does not charge its interoreters with commission, which means that the total amount invoiced to the client is reduced. The agency is exempt from VAT, which is another considerable convenience for our clients.
  • We cooperate with several leading tourist agencies, as well as companies that provide technical support for international conferences, so we can offer a complete [ackage of services: interpreting, equipment provision (microphones, headsets, interpreter booth) and logistics (transport, accomodation, premises for the conference).